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In Memorium

My father Cris passed away in January, 2020. I've tried many times to write a worthy tribute to him, so that those that visit this website and love The Sand Pebbles may learn more about him and his life. But nothing I could write would convey how special and influential he was to myself and to those that knew and loved him.

However, his obituary does provide a brief history, if you're interested.

When he retired in 2004, I created this slideshow video for his retirement party. It provides a glimpse of his life over the years from a career standpoint, but doesn't include memories with family and friends.

I plan to continue maintaining and updating this website for fans and scholars of The Sand Pebbles. Please drop me a line anytime if you have updates, information or media that should be included on this website.

Thank you for supporting my Dad over the years. He truly enjoyed working on this project.

-Catherine Garcia
July 6, 2021

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