A Brief History of the Belgium Photoset (provided by Bruno De Cock - Lier, Belgium):

"To my knowledge this is a Belgian photoset. It was very common to make these for cinema display purposes in Belgium. There are alot of them around and they are usually different from other lobby or photosets. In fact, these were used as lobbycards as there are (to my knowledge) no real Belgian lobbycards, only photosets. You can only find foreign lobbycards that are restyled for the Belgian market. Usually there's a sticker with new title(s) on them or the title on the lobby is painted over. The photosets exist in BW and Colour versions depending on the movie. I think the Belgian distributor made them themselves for display purposes. They come out of the stock of the Belgian distributor, I bought complete promo material stocks from a lot of movies when they went out of business some years ago. I don't remember but usually there is a stamp on the back with the distributor's name. These were used as lobbycards a couple of times (check the pinholes to know exactly) since they were returned to the distributor afterwards but I don't know in which cinemas. They normally come in a brown paper bag with the distributor printed on it and the movie title and set number or letter and how many there are in the set written on it. However over the years these bags get torn and thrown away so not all sets have the bag. I hope this has been helpful. All the best, Bruno."

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