Love Theme from The Sand Pebbles

Leslie Bricusse added lyrics to Jerry Goldsmith's music to produce a pop single of "And We Were Lovers"
(the Love Theme from The Sand Pebbles). The song quickly become a standard in the 60's and was recorded
by many different artists. To listen to a specific artist in this section just select your preferred music format -
either Digital Audio (.mp3) or Ogg Vorbis (.ogg). The 1989 Jerry Goldsmith interview can be found here.

Sheet music - version 1 Les Baxter conducting Sheet music - version 2

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Abbreviations: Digital Audio (.mp3) Ogg Vorbis (.ogg)

Bassey, Shirley - United Artists .mp3
Baxter, Les - GNP-Crescendo .mp3 .ogg
Caiola, AL - United Artists .mp3 .ogg
Cantrell, Lana - Victor .mp3 .ogg
Charles, Ray (Singers) - ABC .mp3 .ogg
Englund, Ernie - Monument .mp3 .ogg

Faith, Percy - Columbia (Courtesy of Felix Alfaro)

.mp3 .ogg
Feliciano, Jose - RCA Victor .mp3 .ogg
Feyer, George - Decca (Courtesy of Bill Salmi) .mp3 .ogg
Goldsmith, Jerry - 20th Century-Fox .mp3 .ogg
Hirt, Al - Victor .mp3 .ogg
Jamal, Ahmad - Atlantic .mp3 .ogg
Jones, Jack - Kapp .mp3 .ogg
Klemmer, John - Cadet .mp3 .ogg
Light, Enoch and the Light Brigade - Project 3 .mp3 .ogg
Lopez, Trini - Reprise (Courtesy of Erik Rupard) .mp3 .ogg
Mantovani, London    
Markay, Grace - Capitol .mp3 .ogg
Martin, Freddy - Decca    
Martin, Gail - Reprise .mp3 .ogg
Martin, Tony - Dunhill .mp3 .ogg
Monro, Matt - Capitol .mp3 .ogg
Moods, Mystic - Bainbridge .mp3 .ogg
Newman, Lionel - 20th Century Fox .mp3 .ogg
Riddle, Nelson - Liberty .mp3 .ogg
Shank, Bud - World Pacific .mp3 .ogg
Smith, Bill - Talmu .mp3 .ogg
Smith, Kate - RCA Victor (Courtesy of Bill Salmi) .mp3 .ogg
Walker, Scott - BBC Concert (Courtesy of Jean Kohn) .mp3 .ogg
Welk, Lawrence - Dot .mp3 .ogg
Williams, Andy - Columbia .mp3 .ogg
Williams, Roger - Kapp .mp3 .ogg

Source: The Sand Pebbles Pressbook - 1967

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