San Pablo Engine

The triple expansion steam engine displayed in the second museum is an example of the kind of marine engine that powered the Titanic, the Bismark, and the U.S. Liberty Ships. It is a twenty ton, 1000 HP engine built in 1920 by the Vickers Co, of England. It powered a fishing trawler that also served as a convoy escort vessel during World War II. The ship eventually reentered commercial trade until it was broken up in Vancouver, British Columbia. The engine was moved to a Burbank Fox Studio and featured in the 1966 film The Sand Pebbles, starring Steve McQueen and Candice Bergen. It was sold to a San Diego collector and eventually acquired by the S.S. Lane Victory. Hundreds of hours of volunteer labor were required to restore the engine to its present condition, led by Chief Engineers Gene Allen and Jim Higman. The exposed piston rods and crankshaft move quietly without vibration when driven by an electric motor for display. For a taste of yesterday's ship propulsion, don't miss the Second Museum Sand Pebbles engine abroad the:

S.S. Lane Victory Ship at Berth 94 in San Pedro, CA!

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